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The Buenos Aires International Film Festival lands in Madrid

The Buenos Aires International Film Festival is one of the largest international film festivals in Argentina. Directed by renowned filmmakers Roberto I. Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro; It is endorsed by the three largest film distribution platforms in the world. Soon it will also be considered Official Festival of IMDb (United States).

More than 120 are the nations that send their works for their international competition, currently it is the festival of Argentina that receives more foreign films and the only one in South America that has its own online channel, through which you can view some of the best Competition films for free.

The Buenos Aires International Film Festival will make available to the Colegio Mayor Argentino, a select program with some of the most outstanding short films of its editions. Whose program will consist of works from: Spain, Ukraine, Lebanon and Iran. It will also have a bonus from Argentina, out of competition, directed by the Festival Director.

Full program | Gold Edition at the CMA film auditorium in Madrid

“El Contacto”: Short Film Fiction, 3-minute photo montage, of Spanish origin, competitor and Official Selection of the first edition of the BUEIFF.

– “The Cord”: This is a 6-minute Ukrainian psychological animation, semifinalist in the third edition of the BUEIFF.

“The Trophy”: This 18-minute work, of Lebanese origin, has won the Laurel Finalist for Best Fiction Short Film in the second edition of the BUEIFF.

“Are You Volleyball?“: An Iranian short of 14 minutes, this is the most awarded short film in the history of that country, is the current winner of the Honorable Mention at the International Film Festival of Buenos Aires.

– “Nature“: Is an Argentine short film of 2020, written and directed by Roberto I. Ercolalo. Whose duration is 10 minutes. He won different international awards, including laurels in Rome, Italy and Cluj. Napoca, Romania, and prizes for the best short film and the best director in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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