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21 Oct 0 Comment

BUEIFF at the HCD | 2nd of November

With the screening of five short films from Spain, Venezuela, Holland, Ukraine and Ireland, the San Isidro Deliberative Council reopened its doors to movie lovers. The third edition of this cycle will be held on Saturday, November 2. With the venue filled, the San Isidro Council of Deliberation (May 25, 459) received the directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro with the selection of the best short films of their festival. Directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro thanked the public for their presence and the San Isidro HCD for the opportunity to spread independe

02 Oct 0 Comment

Full Program Second Edition | BUEIFF at the HCD

Full Program venue at the HCD | Buenos Aires International Film Festival With five new short films, the HCD of San Isidro opens its doors to movie lovers, on Saturday, October 5 at 18.30, in a new free screening of the Festival. This time the shorts represent Spain, Venezuela, Holland, Ukraine and Ireland. The directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro return to our venue with the second screening of the best shorts of the Buenos Aires Film Festival. For independent filmmakers and local fans, this space will give them the opportunity to get in touch with the organizers of

01 Ago 1 Comment

Buenos Aires International Film Festival | Venue at the HCD

Buenos Aires International Film Festival, within the framework of the cultural activities organized by the HCD of San Isidro. The event exhibited by Ercolalo and Mendez, co-directors of the festival is a great step for national and international cinema. As a result, in this edition and within the framework of this wide cultural space, the Bue.iff opens its entrance to the physical venues. Consequently to betray and enrich the cinematographic experience to take it to another level. First of all, the HCD will be the space where winners and official selections from all over the world will

16 Jul 0 Comment

Presentation of Tomás Alegre as a new jury

This Wednesday, July 10, the pianist Tomás Alegre was presented as a new member of the jury of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. After several meetings and previous negotiations with its directors, the famous concert player will be in charge of judging and rewarding the films in the category of Best Soundtrack. "It is a pleasure to present a judge of the magnitude of Mr. Alegre for this jury." - said Roberto I. Ercolalo, Co-Director of the Festival, who concluded: "The BSO is a fundamental area without doubt, it directly influences the level of the film, moreover its composit

06 Jul 0 Comment

“THE HUNTED” by Giancarlo Orellana

It is important to mention some interesting points about this fiction short film. First and foremost, we have to mention the great work carried out by make-up artists since there are some very close shots which last quite a long time -perhaps longer than expected for the plot. We can understand that the director intentionally wanted to show the professionalism of his working team and decided to lengthen the scene at the expense of the story. The Hunted has the capacity to show us how the narration is going to be just by the first shoots. The setting and voice-over remind us of Frank Mi

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“Bxautiful Nightmarx” by Brittny Williams & Juanita Ingram

During the first 60 seconds of the short film "Beautiful Nightmare," the director reveals us the techniques that will be used to narrate the story. The 9:46 minutes film teaches us an unpredictable character and willing to do everything, which makes it essential for the plot. Regarding the script, we could add that there are a few moments where the dialogues are "mixed", shifting the central conflict off its axis. A resource becomes a conflict; for some moments the attention is focused on "the sandwich" rather than on the real problem. It is easy to fall into these lapses, as a result of

14 Jun 5 Comments

Exclusive Interview Director of Rigo Short Film

Interview with Director Adrian Moran 1- How’d you get into cinematography? Did you ever go to film school? Since I was little I started liking the art of movie making even in my seventh birthday I asked for a camera and started making some small films with my friends, also in my elementary school I used to write scripts about some superheroes I drew and sell them to my classmates. I did go to film school at a local community college although I would have liked to study in a more prestigious school. 2- Tell us about your first film «Rigo». How did you get the idea to make thi

02 May 0 Comment

Cinema by Roberto I. Ercolalo

Many times we have asked ourselves why each art … As everyone knows, cinema has evolved technically over the decades, without a doubt, but - in my view - not so much semantically. The fact of acquiring new technologies, unquestionably broadens the cinematographic spectrum by offering the possibility of making any kind of history, no matter how unreal or dreamy it may be, but the excess of these technologies was replacing - perhaps due to the myriad of possibilities - that human touch; mechanizing movements and even changing more significant planes by a fully stabilized moving image. As a

23 Feb 0 Comment

Welcome to our Festival!

How did the Festival come about? Given the lack of support from our country and the current concepts, the cinema here is in danger of extinction: many filmmakers, independent and even professional, for lack of media or information fail to disseminate their projects and many really good films are being lost in oblivion due to this. That is why we have taken the initiative to hold the largest international film festival in Argentina, to give the opportunity to filmmakers, not only from Argentina, but from anywhere in the world to show their work, and share their creativity through of the