Buenos Aires International Film Festival is the largest online festival in Argentina. 

We believe that cinema is a magical tool that speaks a universal language, enabling the ability to unite people across the globe in an instant. Our aim is to encourage independent filmmakers and professionals from all nationalities to share their passion worldwide through our channel. That is why Bue.IFF has been created, to break free from national boundaries and share this beautiful art form.

The Buenos Aires International Film Festival primarily focuses on short films but this year we have expanded our categories to include featured films too!

The members of our jury belong to a network of professionals, with years of experience in the industry. 
The quality standard of this competition is very high and only awards the best films, so winners of this competition can be very proud of their achievement.

The festival is quarterly season and accepts all types of film from all over the world, less than 20 minutes (short films), more than 60 minutes (feature films). We also have the annual season on the way.

Cinema is a very difficult and serious art, it requires sacrificing of yourself. You should belong to it, it shouldn’t belong to you. Cinema uses your life, not vice versa.

Andrei Tarkovsky