BUEIFF Seven Nations Event | Granada, Spain

seven nations
megarama cines
Neptune Mall
projected march 2022
Event Date

BUEIFF Concept

The Buenos Aires International Film Festival (BUEIFF) functions as a link between artists from around the world and audiences. Its aim is to achieve, for a moment that we are all one, in one place and through one screen, through the same screen.

The BUEIFF, from its richness and cultural diversity, seeks to generate an audiovisual experience. It aspires to transmit it in such a way that the impact causes a change in the viewer, whether small or large, but from that moment their appreciation will never be the same again. BUEIFF does not offer simple films, it offers Cinema.

Event Projection

Screening of exclusive competition films, chosen from all genres:
fiction, animation, documentary and experimental.

Short and Feature films, awarded by the Festival.
Spaces & Press Pack for talks, awards presentation, interviews, and more.


Shopping Mall Neptuno Street Arabial, s/n, 18004 Granada

Megarama Cinemaas, 2nd floor, premises 33.

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