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22 May 0 Comment

Interview – Waiting

The film recorded an unconscious state of people meanwhile let the audience experience the process of it with conscious. Only by waiting can we exist meaningfully.

Directed by Vincy Wang

1 – Tell us about your first film “Waiting”. How did you get the idea to make this film?

I wanted to capture the subject’s unawareness state for the audience to experience.

2 – What’s your perspective about cinema?

Film for me is to express a kind of confusion and predicament. And it doesn’t need an answer. Life is confusing originally with no answer. No matter how personal this expression is, I believe it will meet an audience with tears.

3- The 4: 3 format and the use of the videocam (widely used for experimental and documentary pieces) occupy a central axis within the short film. What do you think about the use of this type of format and registration? How do you think the film device conditions the audiovisual piece?

The format of the film could affect people’s feelings, which exist in our subconscious. Sometimes we can’t express them, but we could definitely feel them.

4- And in that sense, how does the definition of the film format change the narrative discourses beyond the aesthetic according to your appreciation?

I think the 4:3 format and the use of the video cam can convey a sense of ordinary but precious, just like what I shot in this film. Everyone is in line like a water droplet, and every water droplet is the same. It’s similar to a drop of water in the sea, it is nothing but everything.

5 – What directors or writers have been your influences and why?

I have a lot of favorite directors, like Jim Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, Hong Sang-soo, Leos Carax, but they didn’t really influence my creative process I prefer to find the inspiration from my personal life and experience.

6 – The use of the edition also takes centre stage in the short film. What do you think of the use of editing as a way of narrating? What are your influences?

The use of editing is like re-creation. I used a lot of cross-cuttings in order to emphasize the rhythm of the film.

7 -What plans do you have in mind for your professional future?

I want to keep learning and creating films.