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02 Oct 0 Comment

Full Program Second Edition | BUEIFF at the HCD

Full Program venue at the HCD | Buenos Aires International Film Festival

With five new short films, the HCD of San Isidro opens its doors to movie lovers, on Saturday, October 5 at 18.30, in a new free screening of the Festival. This time the shorts represent Spain, Venezuela, Holland, Ukraine and Ireland.

The directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro return to our venue with the second screening of the best shorts of the Buenos Aires Film Festival. For independent filmmakers and local fans, this space will give them the opportunity to get in touch with the organizers of one of the largest international film festivals in Argentina.

The HCD of San Isidro will host the last two meetings, which will be held on Saturday, October 5 and November 2. On this occasion the short films chosen are:

“OFFSET” (Ireland – 3min)
“On Air” (Netherlands – 17min)
“The Cord” (Ukraine – 7min)
“Boredom” (Venezuela – 12min)
“La Mer” (Spain – 3min)