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BUEIFF venue 3rd Edition
21 Oct 0 Comment

BUEIFF at the HCD | 2nd of November

With the screening of five short films from Spain, Venezuela, Holland, Ukraine and Ireland, the San Isidro Deliberative Council reopened its doors to movie lovers. The third edition of this cycle will be held on Saturday, November 2.

With the venue filled, the San Isidro Council of Deliberation (May 25, 459) received the directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro with the selection of the best short films of their festival.

Directors Roberto Ercolalo and Martín Méndez Canaro thanked the public for their presence and the San Isidro HCD for the opportunity to spread independent filmmakers.

“Cinema is the closest to the magic we have in this world,” said Ercolalo.

The meeting jointly developed between the HCD of San Isidro and the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, one of the largest international film festivals in Argentina, screened the short films “OFFSET”, “On Air”, “The Cord”, “Boredom “And” La Mer “.

“It is important that we be aware of the use of plastic,” said Méndez Canaro at the time of presenting the Spanish short film Le Mer, which delves into the problem of the bad treatment of plastic waste.

At the end of the visualization, both directors thanked the HCD for the space and the attendees for supporting the cinema. “This would not make sense if you weren’t all here. What is the use of a message, if there is no one to receive it? ” Roberto Ercolalo concludes.

The last meeting of this cycle will take place at the HCD headquarters in San Isidro (May 25, 459) on Saturday, November 2.

The full program would be online soon