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06 Jul 0 Comment

“THE HUNTED” by Giancarlo Orellana

It is important to mention some interesting points about this fiction short film.

First and foremost, we have to mention the great work carried out by make-up artists since there are some very close shots which last quite a long time -perhaps longer than expected for the plot. We can understand that the director intentionally wanted to show the professionalism of his working team and decided to lengthen the scene at the expense of the story.

The Hunted has the capacity to show us how the narration is going to be just by the first shoots. The setting and voice-over remind us of Frank Miller’s “Sin City”. Later in the film, the relationship between “voice-over and story” is mildly kept, however, the shoots start to adopt another style, director Giancarlo Orellana’s own style, I reckon. 

A disadvantage may be the extension of the scenes throughout the film which seems to “slow” the pace at times. It could be even more resounding and dynamic if proposed.

It is also important to mention that there is a scene filmed in a very peculiar way. The said scene takes place in café and in it, we can see the alternation of some front-chest shoots with 45° shoots in the third quarter during a conversation between the main characters.

It is essential to highlight two great items there: the first has to do with the composition of the front shoot, which is very well achieved: it has an attractive setting and fair field depth. The second, but not less important, is Liz Meinders’ performance. It is all there; she transmits emotions and at the same time she passes information onto the viewer, always keeping our attention. A combination that is undoubtedly as worthy as difficult to achieve. 

This film shows us a director who dares to try new things and combine different techniques throughout the same story. There is an interesting potential to develop, we must follow this creator’s next work closely. 

Roberto I. Ercolalo

Festival Director