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Introducing Tomas Alegre
16 Jul 0 Comment

Presentation of Tomás Alegre as a new jury

This Wednesday, July 10, the pianist Tomás Alegre was presented as a new member of the jury of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival.

After several meetings and previous negotiations with its directors, the famous concert player will be in charge of judging and rewarding the films in the category of Best Soundtrack. “It is a pleasure to present a judge of the magnitude of Mr. Alegre for this jury.” – said Roberto I. Ercolalo, Co-Director of the Festival, who concluded: “The BSO is a fundamental area without doubt, it directly influences the level of the film, moreover its composition is as infinite as the cinema itself. Isn´t easy to judge it, however, who better than one of the best young pianists in the world to do it. “

In addition, Martín Méndez Canaro -Co-Director of the Festival- expressed his enthusiasm and referring to the renowned pianist, said: “He is a person who I admire a lot, with who, I am sure, the festival will grow even more and will display its tools way to continue enriching this international film space. ”

Tomás Alegre | Jurado Buenos Aires International Film Festival
Tomás Alegre | Jurado Buenos Aires International Film Festival

Tomás Alegre, who lives in Madrid, Spain, was recently awarded by the Reina Sofia. Also, he won a gold medal for his piano performance in Manhattan, United States. “A nomination of this nature is a privilege that we share with very few festivals worldwide,” added the directors.

From the second quarterly edition of the Bue.IFF, he will begin his performance as the official judge of the BSO category. As a result, the winner will receive an international recognition certificate stamped by the Festival and signed by Alegre itself.

To sum up, Buenos Aires International Film Festival offer you a warm welcome and wish the best for this great talent that has joined us!

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