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06 Jul 0 Comment

“Bxautiful Nightmarx” by Brittny Williams & Juanita Ingram

During the first 60 seconds of the short film “Beautiful Nightmare,” the director reveals us the techniques that will be used to narrate the story.
The 9:46 minutes film teaches us an unpredictable character and willing to do everything, which makes it essential for the plot.

Regarding the script, we could add that there are a few moments where the dialogues are “mixed”, shifting the central conflict off its axis. A resource becomes a conflict; for some moments the attention is focused on “the sandwich” rather than on the real problem.
It is easy to fall into these lapses, as a result of abusing of the resource “dialogues repetition”. If it had lasted less or it had been used to expand information, it would have contributed in a significant way.

However, this does not affect Brittney Williams and Juanita Ingram who despite that, keeps her cinematographic identity throughout the film, moving the strings of rhythm in her planes and showing off in movements with great efficiency and result.
The cinematography is also worth mentioning because it manages to perfectly go along with each scenario, contributing to the film with a really neat style.

And of course, we can not omit to mention Production and Scenography work, because – together with Direction – they are the highest points the film has, without any doubt. The diversity and the construction of the scenarios make a great contribution to the story.

The director in her first short film proposes a peculiar final on the American shot: an authoritarian character, without any guilt, walking in slow motion and decided towards the viewer. The soundtrack effectively encircle the scene. Perhaps she is making some reference or wink to the dear Alex, from “A Clockwork Orange” and that particular ending in slow motion that makes us think.

For a better evaluation of the film, we will have to wait for the following works of this young filmmaker, that seems to be quite promising.
Ladies Directors… It is a great start, you can be proud of yourself. I hope I can see more of your work in the future.

Roberto I. Ercolalo

Festival Director