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14 Jun 5 Comments

Exclusive Interview Director of Rigo Short Film

Interview with Director Adrian Moran

1- How’d you get into cinematography? Did you ever go to film school?

Since I was little I started liking the art of movie making even in my seventh birthday I asked for a camera and started making some small films with my friends, also in my elementary school I used to write scripts about some superheroes I drew and sell them to my classmates. I did go to film school at a local community college although I would have liked to study in a more prestigious school.

2- Tell us about your first film «Rigo». How did you get the idea to make this film?

I grew up on the border of the United States with Mexico and always listen to stories like Rigo’s, people who risk their lives because of the insecurity and the lack of opportunity in Mexico.

3- Your film was shot with pocket money ($200). Do you plan to look for more serious funding for your new projects?

Yes, that is the idea, get the necessary support both economically and also in the distribution of the project and hopefully be able to take a feature film to cinemas.

4- What do you do for a living? Do you plan to make cinema a source of profit?

For now, I am working in the branch of medicine and investing my own money to carry out my projects and to make cinema my main source of income and also because who wouldn’t love to work in what you love and even live from it.

5- What is a perspective for an independent filmmaker in México? What a difference you see in making movies in the United States?

In my personal point of view, I do not think it is very different in the filmmaking area, both countries have many different ways of supporting filmmaking.

6- Your film shows us a very powerful reality. It is interesting to have chosen to show it from a child’s perspective. How did you find this idea? Do you have any new similar ideas for short films?

The idea came because, as I mentioned before, I grew up on a border and this kind of stories are very common but I decided that the main character was a child because I think the message is stronger, that a child takes the decision to take his suitcase and go alone to try to cross the border with all its dangers and risking your life makes us reflect on the situation in Mexico is in these moments.
I had another similar idea that was even filmed and screened, it was an immigrant of some 50 years but did not have the same acceptance as Rigo had on some festivals.

7- What films of the last 2-3 years have made the greatest impression on you?

I am a huge fan of Mexican movies and I love most of them but I really liked the composition and the aesthetics of Roma and also loved the recreation of the bohemian rhapsody stages and stadiums.

8- Do you plan to make a full-length film? If yes, how do you plan to seek funding?

Of course, I’m in the process of writing this long film but at the same time I want to shoot some other short films and travel to different festivals, there are some people who have advised me of foundations including government support so hopefully, on God, I hope to take this film to theatres soon.

Director Adrian Moran

5 Coments

  • Cecilia Galeano 14/06/2019

    Muchas veces es mejor el cine independiente al commercial y solo lo ve poco publico, me intereso la propuesta sobre el cortometraje, algun lugar donde pudiese verlo?

  • Jeanette Doors 14/06/2019

    This seems like an interesting shortfilm , in which we can get to know how hard is to decide becoming an inmigrant because of all the problems we have to face as mexicans. I would love to see it soon.

  • Roel lopez 15/06/2019

    Es muy bueno ver cómo están dándole espacio al cine mexicano. Esta película corta se lee que esta buena, espero poder verla pronto.

  • Raul Murillo 22/06/2019

    Short films in general have to make their impression on people a lot faster than longer films. The storyline of Rigo and how it’s shot in a child’s perspective is very captivating to me and can’t wait to see it. Where can I find this short film? This film will resonate with a lot of people! Bravo Adrián!

  • Luis B. Martinetti 24/06/2019

    Can’t wait to see this film. It is very important to show the adversity that Mexican people have challenged due to the lack of opportunities in Mexico and Central America, especially in this time of turmoil. Even with these issues occurring, I am glad that Mexican films are having this much support.