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23 Feb 0 Comment

Welcome to our Festival!

How did the Festival come about?

Given the lack of support from our country and the current concepts, the cinema here is in danger of extinction: many filmmakers, independent and even professional, for lack of media or information fail to disseminate their projects and many really good films are being lost in oblivion due to this.

That is why we have taken the initiative to hold the largest international film festival in Argentina, to give the opportunity to filmmakers, not only from Argentina, but from anywhere in the world to show their work, and share their creativity through of the continents.

Receiving films of any ethnicity, culture, language or theme, professionals or independent, the cinema does not discriminate, the cinema unites and teaches us to do it as people. We want to see stories from all over the globe, identify with them, surprise them, live them, understand each other …

From BUEIFF perspective, every film is a message and many do not reach their sender. The Buenos Aires International Film Festival comes to solve that distance between filmmakers and the world, it is a great opportunity to exchange cultures and visions using only a screen, with the possibility of establishing international contacts and continue building their career and, Above all, do not stop transmitting your messages.

The logo reflects this philosophy, through the majestic Andean Condor. An extraordinary bird, of great bearing, penetrating eyes and high flight, but that -like the true cinema- is in danger of extinction.